A sleeping bag ideal for warm and cold weather camping, the Genuine U.S. Military Goretex 5-Piece Improved Modular Sleeping Bag System is a high-quality, if heavy, option. Designed for use even in -40-degree Fahrenheit weather, the bag lives up to its hype. If you’re a serious camper, consider this option a great investment.

U.S.-Military-Goretex-5-Piece-Improved-Modular-Sleeping-Bag-System-300pxThe Five Pieces

The system includes two mummy-style sleeping bags, two compression stuff sacks, and an ACU bivy cover. The bags are labeled as “patrol” and “intermediate cold weather,” and feature rip-stop, water-resistant nylon. Because you’re working with a “system” when you purchase this bag, you can enjoy different combinations based on where you are and what the temperature is. The bivy pulls over your head, which is nice if sleeping in cold conditions, and it won’t suffocate you thanks to innovative ventilation features.You’ll subsequently breathe easy and get a good night’s sleep without feeling like you’re being smothered.

Incredibly comfortable, this well-made bag system gives you what you need to enjoy a warm, comfortable night of rest minus annoying “cold spots.” And while the bags are in the mummy style, they’re still wider than most mummy options and therefore great for side and back sleepers. Mummy sleeping bags are renowned for being lightweight and warm, however they generally only work for back sleepers because they’re so confining.

This bag is also free of zippers and other hardware, so drafts aren’t an issue.

The Weight

The entire system weighs a little over nine pounds, so don’t expect to strap it to your back the next time you go hiking. If you want to bring one instead of both bags with you you’ll obviously lighten your load, however if bringing the whole shebang, make this system your go-to for camping only. It belongs in the back of a truck or car, not on your back.

The Temperature Rating

Temperature ratings can be tricky, as they’re generally geared toward men and assume said men are wearing long underwear, socks, etc. This sleep system is actually quite on-point in regards to temperature ratings, as it’s been tested in bitter -40-degree temperatures. The system offers four solid hours of sleep in such temperatures before you begin to feel a chill. You’ll do very well in 30+ temperatures, and may not even need the bivy.

The Reliability

Hailed as a reliable bag capable of withstanding even the most rugged conditions, you’ll enjoy many years of use.

The Price

The system is under $300, and definitely worth the price. Not only do you get two sleeping bags, you’ll actually enjoy comfortable, warm nights of rest instead of waking up in the middle of the night chilled beyond belief.


Described as “hardcore,” there’s really nothing bad to say about the Genuine U.S. Military Goretex 5-Piece Improved Modular Sleeping Bag System. The only complaint you might have is the weight, though both bags do compress rather well. It may not be the bag to take if you’re planning a long hike, but it is definitely the option you want for any camping excursion. Whether you prefer camping in warmer or cooler temperatures, you can easily make adjustments and enjoy comfortable nights of rest.

Even the stuff sacks are helpful for things other than carrying the bags–you can use them to cover your boots if you don’t want to take them off before you sleep. The sack protects the bag and saves “lace-up” time in the morning.

A worthwhile bag system destined to keep you warm and toasty, you won’t be sorry you decided to purchase this military-grade option!

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U.S. Military Goretex Modular Sleeping Bag System
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• Quality, quality, & quality
• 5-piece kit, allowing you to camp in mind to extremely cold weather conditions
• Two separate mummy bags
• Large to small frame man can sleep comfortably


If I had to find one thing that I don't love about this bag it would be that the bag is on the heavy side, weighing in at over 9 pounds.


This bag is built and designed to be pushed to the limits and taken to the coldest reaches of the outdoors. With the included bivy sack, this is a single system shelter that is ready to provide you warmth and protection from the elements.

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