A high-performance option, the Sierra Designs DriDown Backcountry Bed 600-Fill Sleeping Bag is the fantastic alternative to the traditional mummy bag. Super comfy, this three-season bag easily protects from the elements and provides a full night’s rest for the day of adventure ahead (even if you don’t usually love snoozing in a bag).


Stays in Place

Nobody sleeps the same way, or without some tossing and turning. Fitful sleepers like me typically have problems using a sleeping bag, as we wake up tangled like an Auntie Anne’s pretzel. The Sierra Designs DriDown Backcountry Bed 600-Fill Sleeping Bag eliminates this problem, as the comforter allows for *you* to kick and turn over– without turning over with you.

For the longest time, I had to choose between sleeping well or staying warm.  Mummy bags were too confining, and standard bags were too bulky or not warm enough. This bag and its comforter has changed the way I sleep outside–it’s that good.

No Drafts

When  you’re sleeping under the stars, no matter how far away from home or right in your backyard for an impromptu trampoline campout, you can get sick and tired of dealing with drafty sleeping bags – (pun intended).  You stay cozy all night with this bag — No zippers or Velcro, what you get is an oversized comforter you can easily tuck in or pull out to get your cozy on. Its catenary-shaped opening is smaller than the bag width, meaning the walls push in and protect from drafts when you push out.

Convenient Foot “Envelope”

The Sierra Designs DriDown Backcountry Bed sleeping bag features a oh-so convenient foot “envelope” so you can give paws a cool-down if needed. But fear not–when you don’t need the envelope, it remains closed so you never feel a draft.

Remains Warm and Dry

Rain is the enemy of many a sleeping bag, as once goose down gets wet, it takes forever and a day to dry. This nylon bag features 600-fill DriDown, and even if the outside of the bag gets wet, you won’t know it until you wake up and say, “Oh hey, it’s been raining.” A truly weatherproof sleeping bag, you’ll stay warm, dry, and delightful– even if the weather outside is frightful.


The 600-fill DriDown I mentioned keeps this sleeping bag all kinds of warm, as does its additional insulation features.  It comes with insulated hand and arm pockets for days when you decide to use the comforter outside of the bag.  On a warm summer night, I slept with it with my arms outside the bag but my hands tucked in the pockets– it was fantastic to let my body stay cool but not have to have freezing hands when I woke up.

Great Temperature Range

I hate sleeping in bulky clothes– ok, honestly, I hate sleeping in clothes at all.  This bag is a 3-season bag, so I can sleep in my briefs and still stay warm, but I won’t overheat like in a sub-zero bag. (This bag keeps you warm all the way down to 20 degrees, and I’d give it a sleep-in-your-skivvies rating of about 40 degrees before you start piling on the layers.)


This really is the perfect sleeping bag for those who find mummy bags way too confining.  When I found this bag, I “bought it for my wife”, since I had just recently bought a different, less superior bag-who-must-not-be-named, and found myself lusting after this one.  (I’m very happy with my wife’s new sleeping bag.  Someday I’ll let her try it out).
There’s no waking up because it’s raining and the bag’s wet, or because you’re sweating, or freezing, or twisted like a Cub Scout knot.  Instead, you’ll sleep like a heavily-medicated bear in winter.

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We love the design of this bag. I am 5'11" and this bag fits well both lengthwise and width for my shoulders. The no zipper blanket with hand pockets is such a great feature that we hope to see in incorporated into more bags in the near future.


Its a little on the heavy side as far as three seas


Overall, this is the type of sleeping bag that makes you want to grab your gear and go backpacking. Say goodbye to sleepless nights, being poked in the face by your bags zipper and no more rolling off your sleeping pad again.

A 3-season sleeping bag with NO ZIPPER - how freaking cool is that? This alone should be the reason to purchase this bag.

Regular Weight: 3 pounds 1 ounce
Long Weight: 3 pounds 5 ounces
Temperature Rating: 28 Degrees Fahrenheit
Regular Size: 3 x 61 x 72 inches
Long Size: 3 x 65 x 78 inches
Fill 600 Fill DriDown
Temperature Rating
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