Easy to inflate, the Aerobed Pakmat Airbed and Pump is a comfortable, lightweight option that comes with its own 19” pump. The pad doesn’t require batteries to inflate.


Weighing in at 4.4 pounds, which includes the pump, the Aerobed Pakmat Airbed and Pump is an eco-friendly option, as it’s made with phthalate-free material.  Reinforced with heavy-duty polyester, the pad is designed to endure the harshest temperatures. It inflates to measure 78″ x 26″, with inflation via hand pump taking about one minute.

Easy to Inflate, Deflate, Store

As advertised, you won’t have any trouble inflating or deflating this sleeping pad. It stores very well, whether throwing it in the back of your truck, strapping it to your motorcycle or placing it in your external frame rucksack. The problem with many air mattresses is they’re cumbersome, heavy, and otherwise challenging to travel with. The Aerobed Pakmat Airbed and Pump eliminates these problems entirely.

One of the coolest design features about this sleeping pad is that the pump performs double duty as the storage container. This means you don’t have to worry about the pump as a separate item from the pad, which is ideal for backpackers and bikers alike.

Bed-Like Experience

Finding a sleeping pad that makes you feel like you’re on your bed at home is often difficult, however this pad might be the closest you’ll come to feeling like you’re on your regular mattress. Highly comfortable, it also features plenty of loft so you can enjoy a good night’s sleep no matter what type of sleeper you are–back, side, or stomach. The loft is especially helpful if you’re a side sleeper with hip issues.


As with most air mattresses, the Aerobed Pakmat Airbed is noisy. You can reduce noise by deflating it a little, but get ready for some squeaking as you’re positioning yourself. If your tent mate is a light sleeper, know he or she will likely be complaining about how very noisy the sleeping pad is.

Great For Motorcyclists

To expand on the motorcycle thing, this sleeping pad is absolutely perfect if you consider yourself an easy rider. The problem with taking long rides across state lines or anywhere else is you can’t exactly strap a ton of gear to your bike, just like you can’t bring everything but the kitchen sink when you’re backpacking. Thick, 2-inch pads are considered too large to take on a motorcycle, while standard air mattresses have the additional, sizable pump to deal with.

Rather than forgoing a comfortable night’s rest, this sleeping pad allows you to get the shut-eye you need before you get your motor running and head out on the highway. It’s simply another small piece of gear to place on the back of your bike.

A Little Narrow

One of the few complaints about the Aerobed Pakmat Airbed is it’s a wee bit narrow. How narrow it will be for you depends on your weight and height, so keep this in mind before making your purchase.

No Insulation

Because the pad isn’t insulated, you won’t be using it during cold weather. A strictly warm weather sleeping pad, it fits perfectly in a truck bed in addition to a tent. If you love sleeping under the stars in the back of your truck during warm weather, this pad will definitely keep you comfortable.


A great sleeping pad that’s highly portable and very comfortable, you’ll love storing the Aerobed Pakmat Airbed and Pump in your rucksack or on the back of your bike before setting out on another adventure. Durable and easy to work with, you’ll get the full body support you need, but keep the ‘narrow’ issue in mind when buying.
The fact that it stores in its own pump is pretty darn cool!

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The Aerobed Pakmat Airbed makes a great sleeping pad for leasure camping. Its 5" think of pure sleeping heaven.

  • 5" think of pure sleeping heaven
  • Inflates quickly with the pump
  • Easy to travel with and stores well - about 5"x19"
  • Very comfortable for side sleeping

This is a noisy sleeping pad, but you can deflate it a little bit or adding a blanket or sheet over it will help with the noises.


If you do a lot of car or leasure tent camping then this sleeping pad should be at the top of your list. Be aware that the 5 inches of padding it provides between you and the ground offer little to none insulation from the cold groud. The sleeping pad stores neatly along with the pump making traveling with it an brease.

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