A two-person tent is designed for…wait for it…two people! That’s right! Tents designed for two people are therefore considerably larger than than one-person tents, and typically feature two doors and enough sleeping room for two adults.

The idea behind the two doors is to allow campers to exit the tent whenever they want without stepping all over the other person. Even if the other person sleeping in the tent is your buddy or you’re related, climbing over him or her in the dead of night because you need to use the great outdoors to relieve oneself  isn’t exactly fun stew. If you don’t mind climbing over each other like newborn hamsters, go to town, but if not, a two-person tent is your optimal solution.

vestibulesThe two vestibules that so often accompany two-person tents is another great feature, as it allows both of you to store your gear without infringing on each other’s space. A quality two-person tent will feature vestibules or areas of the tent that are separate then the sleeping areas that protect gear from the rain and other elements easily.

Other features found on a two-person tent simply depend on what you want and need from this essential piece of camping gear. Regardless of the model you select, go with an option that features windows and other ventilation aspects. Condensation is a huge tent and bivy issue, and if you don’t use a two-person tent with the right ventilation, you’re in big trouble. An extra person makes an extra set of lungs, extra body heat, and extra stuffiness.

Personally I highly recommend two man tents for Boy Scouts.  First of all, when I go camping, no boy is allowed to tent alone.  They are required to have either their father or “buddy” based on the pre-camp buddy-system assignment that each patrol made.

Here is why I prefer the two-man tent for scouts:

  • Two boys are less likely to get rowdy and damage the tent when they are messing around
  • Tents will be easier to setup, so more time can be spent on dinner prep or having fun
  • Light weight – these tents work great for car camping and backpacking trips because of their size and weight

Find a cool two-person tent designed for a person of your size…and don’t forget about the ventilation!