Illuminated yellow camping tent under stars at night

A three-person tent is one designed for up to three people or a very spacey two man tent. Great to have when on a camping trip with friends and family and boy scout camp outs, three-person tents feature many of the same designs as their two-person counterparts.

Three-person tents most always feature two doors, though one may be larger than the other. They include two vestibules (tent vestibules are like closets for tents either on the site or the front of the tent near the doors. They provide additional space to store all your gear to keep it out of the rain and out of the tent.) as well, allowing you to store your stuff without infringing on anyone else’s. Other typical features include aluminum poles for easy setup and taped seams among other waterproofing features. How many other features the tent provides depends on the brand. We will be reviewing several 3 man tents, so be sure to check them out in our blog.

Using a three-person tent is arguably best when camping with one other person, and perhaps a dog or two. Most two-person tents leave little room for stretching out, so unless snuggling with your tent mate is on the menu, consider a three-person option. It provides much more room in addition to the two door feature that’s oh-so necessary. After all, do you really want to be crawling over your tent buddy to use the restroom in the middle of the night?

Boy scout over night trips are also a great time to use three man tents.  As discussed in a previous article, the two-person tent is our preferred tent for boy scouts for a couple of reasons but a good three man tent that can take the beating that scouts inflict on it, is also a great option for overnight camping with the troop.

If shopping for tents know you’ll be sleeping next to one person for the majority of your excursions, go for the three-person option if the weight of the tent is not an issue. You’ll have enough room to sit up, change, etc. in addition to enjoying plenty of space to snooze.

For backpacking trips, I do not recommend  the 3-man tent due to the weight and size. A three person tent will typically add an additional 2-3 pounds and take up valuable space that wont be worth it in my opinion.  Now with that being said, each circumstance will be different, right?  A father taking his two kids backpacking would be a great opportunity for everyone to tent together.