Family camping in the park

Family camping in the park

When is a four-person tent good to have? When you’re camping with two other people. This may sound odd, but the fact is most tents advertising maximum peeps actually do better with one less. This means a tent advertised for four people works better for three, a three-person tent works better for two, etc.

A four-person tent can still fit four individuals comfortably, however how comfortably depends by brand. It also depends according to how large or small the people are. “Average size” individuals do well in four-person tents, but those 6 foot and over….well, you can guess what would probably happen.

Four-person tents are also workable if the four people include two children. It’s very possible for two adults and two kiddies to enjoy plenty of space in a four-person tent without issue.

Most four-person tents feature two doors so climbing over each other in the middle of the night isn’t a problem. Not all four-person tents come with two doors, however, and while these options are usually incredibly spacious it still helps to have a second door. That is, unless you don’t mind climbing over your tent mates in the style of baby hamsters.

To sum up, if you’re looking for a four-person tent, keep height and weight in mind–yours and your tent mates. Also keep the door issue in mind, and consider a larger option if necessary.