Family Camping, Family with multiple marshmallows extended over a camp fire to roast.

A family-style tent is one that perfectly accommodates a family of four, but is advertised as a five or six-person option. Very spacious and generally featuring two doors, family-style tents also have at least one large vestibule. It’s usually possible to stand up straight in family tents as well, even if you’re over 6 feet tall.

Family tents are typically used for car camping excursions with family and friends, as well as RV camping. They’re the perfect addition when camping in an RV, as they allow you to bring more friends and family… and more gear. Family tents are  the last the thing you want to bring with you for hiking and backpacking treks, as they’re often weighty and bulky. In fact, my Kodiak Canvas tent weighs nearly 85 pounds, its a real best hauling around. Some of the most popular family tents weigh as much as 60+ pounds, which means there’s no strapping it to your back unless you want to throw your back out.

Other common features of family tents include interior pockets for storing extra gear, and lantern hangers. Some family tents only come with one door, and while they offer plenty of room it’s still recommended you opt for a two-door option. This makes entering and exiting that much easier, and ensures you won’t disturb your tent mates…well, not a lot, anyway.

Consider family-style tent if planning a season full of multi-person camping trips!